" The universe sent Deborah into my life at a time when I could not see the forest for the trees, a time when I needed her most. She walked with me down a path of realization and gave me the insight to begin to prepare for the next phase of my life and career. I would like to say 'thank you' and tell you how awesome a life coach she is." AVH "Deborah's balanced perspective and caring approach, coupled with her superb combination of talents and experiences, made her the perfect partner to help me make a positive, actionable plan to achieve my goals - both personally and professionally. After working with her, I felt like I had renewed purpose and the sun had come out again!" HJ

"Dear Dr. Deborah: I wanted to thank you for all your help and kind words. You helped me to see that there is more to life than having to fight with the person who says he loves you. And made me see that there is a lot more to me than what I have been seeing. You're right, I don't have to be treated badly. I am a good person and have a lot to look forward to. I think the time we spent talking really made me open my eyes and see the full picture...something I couldn't see cause I was too close and didn't want to believe it. So, once again thanks for all your helpful and thoughtful words and for taking the time to talk with me and help me through a very hard time in my life. Peace and Love. M"

"In working with Deborah, I realized so many things about my life were really under my control and then when things felt out of control, it was usually because my thinking was out of control. My new mantra is "what you think becomes a thing." I focus on what I want and things are really going the way I intend for the first time in forever. Life feels good again." BB 

"Having Deborah Pacheco as my life coach was one of the best decisions I have ever made. She has the unique ability to intuitively understand me and help in a way I have never experienced before. The difference between what she does and traditional therapy, is that she helps you be a better you. Her wisdom and insight has made my life better and has changed the way I live my life.

Deborah has made me be able to be present -- and live in the moment. Instead of assuming or forecasting -- I now am able to calmly think through problems and decisions. She has helped me realize that thoughts matter and acting on every thought is not always the best way for progress. Also, being open and flexible will result in the best outcomes. 

Deborah is amazing and caring but she also is able to tell it like it is -- in order to help a person progress and move on, instead of being stuck. Her ability to help you get through the haze -- and make every day and every decision meaningful -- has changed my life." KK 

"Deborah's coaching is helping me to make decisions based on my needs, without emotions, and learning to let go of the past disappointments. I'm learning to ask myself, 'Is this the best for me, because I deserve the best in everything I do!' I continue my coaching with Deborah as I have alot I still would like to accomplish." SDMWG 

"In working with Deborah, I was able to gain clarity on what I really wanted to do and why. I was able to make a big decision that changed my life for the better." SG 

"Being coached by Dr. Pacheco has really helped me to calm down and focus on what I really care about for my life. Before I started coaching, I was easily sucked into negativity around me and feeling anxious a lot. Today, I can get past hard moments quickly and enjoy my life a lot more. I'm so grateful for her coaching and look forward to our sessions!" R

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